Introducing…Nautilus Yarns!

The shop is up, and I’ve already had my first sale!

I’ll be waiving shipping for all Crafting a Better Life readers for my first shop update, just enter code ‘CABL’ in the ‘message to seller’ box. Etsy will initially charge you the shipping, but I’ll refund it on Paypal.

I cannot explain the sheer joy and excitement that pulsed through me with the notification of my first sale. And I think that, for the sake of keeping this blog about my crafting and not my new business venture, I’ll keep chatter about that element reserved for another venue: a new blog. I’ll be launching the Nautilus Yarns blog with my second shop update, which, unfortunately, won’t be for a couple of weeks. But I’m rather excited for that update, and the lessons I’ve learned along the way that I can apply to how all of it comes together.

I’ll have actual knitting content very soon—I’ve been a crafty lady!


4 thoughts on “Introducing…Nautilus Yarns!

  1. congratulations! the yarns look beautiful, and i must admit, i’m lusting after that marigold. (sadly, book acquisition trumps yarn buying in my budgeting process these days…) can’t wait to see more of your beautiful colors!

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