The beginning of an obsession.

This is me, fresh from the shower, sitting around in my ‘Death to the Pixies’ t-shirt, looking less-than-excited about my impending exam in Intellectual Property. I’m holding the sock that officially kicked off my obsession with stranded knitting. And I fear that, when asked to write about international IP laws and famous copyright cases for the essay portion of my exam today, the only words I’ll be able to muster up will be things like ‘Shetland’, ‘fair isle’, and ‘Alice Starmore’. I’ve got it bad.

It all started last week when I was tidying my yarn bins. A skein of sock yarn had to be pulled from the Nautilus Yarns inventory because of a slight dye imperfection, and I really wanted to knit it up as a sample. It had to be a sock, because of its deep, rosy hue—all the colors not typically worn on my person are turned into socks—but I didn’t want it to stand alone. I needed something to break up the line between the pink and my skin. So I dug a bit more and found some Cascade Heritage in dark brown, and thought that the pairing would yield a sharp contrast and emphasize the patterning in a fair isle sock. A quick search on Ravelry turned up the Royal Garden pattern (free!), and I immediately cast on. And it was really, really difficult to put these down. Both yarns, composed of merino, effortlessly slid through my fingers as I worked through the charts, and the experience of watching the pattern unfold continually inspired me to keep on knitting. The leg turned quickly into a heel, and I was grafting the toe closed before I knew it.

I’m going to cast on for the second sock tonight, as a post-exam gift to myself. I can’t wait to finish them, just so I can move on to my next stranded knitting project! I’ve got them lined up.

*This post could not have been brought to you without Photobooth: the lazy person’s photographer.


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