Knitting and knitting, on and on.

There have been two persistent problems keeping me from debuting finished projects on this blog. The first is that I cannot knit monogamously. As much as I can be absorbed with a process or project, like the Royal Garden socks mentioned last time, the attraction eventually gives way to other knits that begin to shine from the basket, beckoning me to pull them out and give them their fair share of time. The second problem is that I’m constantly reorganizing my yarn bins, which leads to discovering long-forgotten purchases and a) suffering immediate, nagging guilt that I haven’t yet used the yarn, which leads to an almost-immediate cast on,  or b) remembering the incredible yarn I have sitting around that would be perfect for a long-queued project.

Come to think of it, I have a third problem: knitting up samples of my own yarn. After my last dye experiment, I clearly had to see how the yarn would work up. Immediately.

And then I guess there’s that other problem, of finding the old WIP lurking in the bins. I started these mittens last February, I suppose with the intent of providing myself with immediate warmth during a frigid New England winter. As fall looms, just a few months away, they’ve again become an attractive project. I’ll certainly be needing them before I even know it. So it’s best to finish up the thumb and get started on the second mitten.

These rich, tweedy shades of Harrisville New England Shetland are an example of problem number 2—the forgotten treasure that causes impulsive casting-on. They’re destined to be a Selbu Modern, serving double function as satiating my colorwork cravings.

So for the rest of the month of August, I’ll be finishing up two pairs of socks, a second mitten (plus thumb!), and beginning (and hopefully finishing) a hat. Sometimes I feel like Penelope, and wonder if Scott sneaks into the yarn baskets while I’m sleeping and undoes my knitting. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter; in the meantime, I’m content with the act of knitting, forever amazed by the transmutation of yarn into fabric. So I’ll keep knitting and knitting, on and on, and hopefully, eventually, have something finished to show for it!


2 thoughts on “Knitting and knitting, on and on.

  1. man i need to get back to some knitting – all this summer heat has turned me off but as fall steadily approaches i’m dreaming of warm woolies. love the green of those mittens, and the shetland colours are very fall like indeed.

    1. I had the same problem–all of my knitting was turning to felt in my hands. The air has taken a palpable turn cooler, though, and I can’t stop thinking about how to accessorize my coats and which sweaters from my queue I’ll actually knit.

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