The almost-FO.

One pair of socks, complete! I’m enamored of the little yarn ball left over, and can’t wait to add it to my scrap blanket stockpile. A proper FO shoot is forthcoming.

In the meantime, this moves me closer to completing my August knitting goals—there’s one more pair of socks to finish, I’m halfway through my Selbu Modern, and will tackle the mittens next week. I’m so glad to have this recent burst of knitting mojo, as fall is rapidly approaching and I need to update my knit-wardrobe! Though it reached over 90 degrees in Boston today, there was a definite crisp in the air this past weekend, and the presence of fall has become palpable in New England. This usually sends me flying to needles and yarn, carefully planning my ‘big’ knits of the season. Does this happen to anyone else after a long, hot summer? And, more importantly…what are you making?


4 thoughts on “The almost-FO.

  1. I’m not ready for Fall yet, I haven’t finished my Summer knitting yet 😦 I haven’t even started my Que Sera beyond knitting a gauge swatch, or my new hat, or even my lacy socks! For some reason, I’ve got a stranded pair of thick warm winter socks on needles. I think there’s something wrong with me.

    That said, I did place an order for some snuggly wool to knit a stripey sweater out of, that’ll probably be my big fall knit.

    1. Well, good luck with all of your projects in-progress! There’s still plenty of summer left to finish them up. A stripey sweater sounds fun–I think I may be knitting one as well!

  2. those look like great socks, can’t wait to see what they look like on.

    after a hot and dry july and august here i am definitely ready for fall, and eagerly anticipating that crisp autumn air! it has got me thinking about knitting again too – i have a sweater i’ve been picking at off and on for awhile now, but i just started on a pair of fingerless mitts – perfect fall item for me.

    1. Fingerless gloves are a great idea! I’ve knit and give many pairs away, but somehow have never made a pair for myself. The gears are turning now…

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