Otherwise engaged, with quilts.

Well, that was a much longer break from my blog than I had intended. Where did the time go?


In this case, it went to an engagement, finishing up my penultimate semester of school, and an extended holiday break. My blog became a distant memory, something I did when I was a different person, in a different station in life. I was ready to send Crafting a Better Life to the online cemetery, just another abandoned blog floating through the internet. But then there was a  pick-up in my crafting, and suddenly I had all of these finished projects with no proper documentation, and I felt like I had a lot to say. For me, there’s always been the self-imposed pressure of constantly generating new, fun content here, and I realized that to fully enjoy blogging, I need to abandon that standard and just post whenever I feel compelled. I’m aiming, for now, for one post a week. And I promise that they will not be wedding-related.


For now, I bring you quilts. Or rather, quilts in the making.

I’ve been knitting like a fiend since the beginning of the year, and, sadly, have little to show for it because I am so lazy about blocking and photographing things (will work on this!). Over the holidays I picked up some beautiful little fabric bundles from Purl and have been staring at them, wondering how best to use them. I realized that fabric is very much like yarn, in that if you deign it too beautiful, or special, or wait forever to find the perfect project for it, it will sit, unused, for a very long time. I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to tear into it with my grubby little hands, and turn piles of fabric into something useful.

Once I opened up the bundles and looked at the small, delicate prints, I decided that the quilt needed to be something very simple. It had to really showcase these fabrics, and work within a very restrained color palette.

The colors are all off-white, black, and tan, with that lovely burst of orange. I think that against a very stark white, they’ll pop… though I am imagining how they’ll look against a darker background.

Once I stacked them all together, I realized that they should probably become a simple Flying Geese quilt. I’m going to iron and cut into the fabrics today, and bring some triangles along to the fabric store to decide which background they’ll fly against. I’m imagining lines of orange quilting down the length of the quilt. Perhaps a scrappy binding. Lots to think about, and lots to be inspired by.


I’m very happy to be back in this space, and hope to parade some fresh knits here soon!


4 thoughts on “Otherwise engaged, with quilts.

  1. Glad to see you back- I enjoy reading your posts! Congratulations on your engagement, what kind of stone is that in your ring? It is so beautiful.

    -Clarissa (cpardonme on ravelry)

    1. Thanks so much!

      It’s a gray diamond, rose cut. I wanted something a bit different from the typical brilliant white, and this stone is so captivating–I can’t stop staring at it!

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