Cutting and cutting.

I can’t believe that it has been nearly two months since I first pulled out these fabrics to press them. I’ve been cutting them intermittently over the course of that time, a few triangles here and there while watching movies or listening to music*. Today I finished the printed fabrics, and will move on to cutting a whole lot of white cotton.

I really love the prints—their subtlety, their simplicity. My one major concern is that the center triangle in the second row from the top is actually navy, not black like the other fabrics. The difference is only apparent on camera, and hopefully will be less prominent once all of the fabrics are spread out in their Flying Geese pattern. What do you think, does it completely clash with the rest of the fabrics?

I’m off to do more cutting. So much white fabric!

*Today I had some free time, so I listened to a lot of Mirah, and watched the film One Week (because Netflix just added it today). I wouldn’t call it a great movie by any stretch of the word, but it had its merits on two counts: firstly, it starred Joshua Jackson, a deep-rooted crush since the days of Mighty Ducks, and then later, Dawson’s Creek; secondly, it featured a cross-country trip across Canada. The travel element made the movie seem like it was created as a giant tourism advertisement for Canada (which rendered much of the plot kind of superfluous), which was totally fine and effective because I am now convinced it is the most beautiful country in the world and want to live there.


6 thoughts on “Cutting and cutting.

  1. Yes!! Come to Canada! I have lived in 3 provinces and am about to move to my fourth. It is a stunning country with great diversity in landscapes, and wonderful if you like outdoorsy stuff. The quilting bug has bitten you too? I must say I don’t knit nearly as much now that I have a sewing machine…

    1. I want to come to Canada, badly! And yes, I have been bitten by the bug (as well as the crochet bug, but that’s another post…). I can’t wait to get to sewing!

  2. I think those colours are great together! I think the orange will tie the navy and blacks/grays together nicely. Also, highly recommend the good ol’ Canadian roadtrips. I’m lucky enough to live so close to the mountains that a trip out there means some beautiful prairies and mountains in the same day.

    1. Thanks! I think I’m going to have to lay all the pieces out and take another picture, but I think you’re right.

      Hopefully this summer will bring the first Canadian excursion, to PEI where Scott’s friends have a house. And we’ve been dreaming of New Year’s in Montreal for years now! So much of your beautiful country to see, and so little time.

  3. what amazing prints and color combinations. i agree about the simplicity in prints….sometimes the subtlety is much better than an overwhelming pattern.

  4. these pieces are looking really good – can’t wait to see how the quilt turns out. you are also encouraging me to put some more work in my current quilting project.

    i did sort of enjoy one week (yay, pacey!), although it is funny how some of the landmarks have been swapped around to fit with the story. nice postcard to canada though.

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