Since the last time I posted, many months ago, lots of things have happened, changed. I won’t go into all of that right now. Much of it is very, very positive, and I am happier now than I have been in a long time. All of these changes have restricted my crafting time, but I have channeled my creative energies into putting together a new apartment. It’s not done, but it’s cozy, so in lieu of lots of knitting and sewing content, you may see some of that crop up here.


Time has been on warp speed around these parts, and I’ve been savoring the few quiet, uninterrupted moments that I come across. These typically occur at breakfast, and mostly on the weekends when I can lazily stumble out of the bedroom into the dining room and sit in the sunshine, sipping my tea, while Scott brings me elaborate meals. I steal a few knit stitches away while I wait for my omelets.


I’ve been missing this space, and the ability to share–my life, my crafts, the things that inspire me. So I’m not making any promises, to anyone. I probably won’t post very often. But I would like to approach blogging (ugh, that word) in the same way that I approach those morning meals: carefully, with intention, and brimming with things I love. Crumbs and all.


In other news, how is it November? And why am I not inspired by holiday knitting?


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