“The deer froze like a Steph caught in a yarn store.”

We drove up to Maine this past weekend in pursuit of two things: some cozy winter clothes (from the wonderful outlets up north) and Flo’s hot dogs. We succeeded on both counts. But, truth be told, we would have definitely driven the two hours just for the hot dogs. They are truly a culinary gem of New England.

There was some cliff walking around Perkins Cove on the Marginal Walk, one of my favorite outdoor activities (especially when it cools down and you can bundle up with hats and scarves and sweet potato pastries).

The views were pretty spectacular. And the sounds and the smells, but I don’t have any evidence of that beyond my words.

And, lucky girl I am, we popped into a yarn store (The Yarn Sellar, to be exact, a charming little house brimming with yarn, roving, spinning wheels, and even fresh eggs on certain days of the week). Scott snapped this picture on his phone and promptly coined the title of this post. When not completely taken aback by his photographic interruptions, I managed to find a couple skeins of sport-weight yarn to knit up into these lovely mitts. Progress is slow going, and I’m questioning my color choices, but they have my attention right now and I’m enjoying the process. Maybe we’ll even have some FO shots this month!


2 thoughts on ““The deer froze like a Steph caught in a yarn store.”

    1. They are seriously worth the trip.

      Unrelated, but your shop is gorgeous and I’m hoping to snap up some goodies to give as gifts for the holidays!

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