A random smattering.

lace bowl

It’s Wednesday, which means that I have the first half of the day wide open, allowing me ample time to peruse the internet, listen to Feist’s Metals on repeat, sip endless cups of tea, and walk around the house taking silly pictures. This blog post is the fruit of those activities, so I apologize for the randomness.

That little trinket bowl up there currently resides on my dresser, and is never quite so empty. It’s a bit of Pinterest come to life; I pinned this ‘easy’ DIY months ago and finally got to try my hand at it recently. Things to note: if you’re not familiar with polymer clay, it’s a bit difficult to work! You have to soften it up in your hands, roll it out with a special acrylic tool, and be careful not to cover it with bits of lint or fingerprints before you bake it. Mine is all sorts of wonky, and I haven’t quite figured out how to sand the edges, but it’s special to me, as the lace imprint comes from a doily made by a great-aunt. Subsequent attempts at this craft proved more successful, and the ladies in my family will each be receiving one in their stockings this year.

lavender and lace

I just put some dried lavender, procured from an awesome local farm, on my dresser. I love that every night, as I walk by on my way to bed, I catch a subtle whiff. It’s been very calm-making.

canyon mittsHalfway done with my Canyon Mitts (perhaps more aptly named Forest Mitts?), minus the weaving in of ends, naturally. I love this pattern, am still second guessing my color choices, but planning many sport-weight stripey mitts using this pattern. Also, it marks the first time that I’ve bought a knitting magazine and immediately cast on for a project inside. I know, I know–my life, so exciting, so unpredictable. You must come here for the sense of adventure!

stockingsTrying to surprise the family with stockings for the holidays this year. I figured that super cheery fabrics and twee little birds would help me actually get them done. Crossing my fingers!

The whole working two jobs thing is really cutting into my crafting time. I feel like I can never see any big projects through! (I’m talking to you, Rhinebeck sweater from last year) I do, however, drive by lots of yarn and fabric shops in my travels and seem to have plenty of time to check out what’s inside. As I was strolling through one of my local favorites last night, I kept gravitating towards these beautiful fabrics that were just not my style at all. Some were too sophisticated, some too cute, but I just wanted to use them. It led me to thinking about swaps. I see them all over the internet,  but I’m not in any sort of magical blog circle and I don’t actively engage in any Ravelry groups that would actually allow me to participate in one. So I’m throwing it out there from my blog, to my readers: does anyone want to do a swap? I haven’t fleshed out any rules yet, as I’d like to gauge interest first. But it would be so cool! I have blog friends in Canada! In other, more exciting states! Anyone in?


2 thoughts on “A random smattering.

  1. I might be game for a swap, depending on what is being swapped/timing. The rest of my month is an insane mash of posters and papers, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more info!

    1. I’m still figuring out what I would even swap… the best thing I could think of was maybe a little sewn/knitted object and some local goodies? And yes, my timing is a bit inopportune as I am basically swamped until the holidays. So perhaps a little ‘happy new year’ swap is in order, to kick off 2012 with a fun mail day? Will keep you posted.

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