Nice to meet you, 2013.

Chrysler by snow

When I woke up this morning, I felt the yearly compulsion to dust off my blog and publicly announce my goals for the year, and noticed that last year’s New Year’s post was still on the first page. It’s a painful reminder of how I let an entire year slip through my fingers because I couldn’t figure out how to successfully manage my time or say no to people. All of my energy was sapped keeping people happy,  often at my own expense.

Despite how busy I was, and how little it felt like I saw Scott or my family, I did accomplish a few things (to be recapped in a post in the next few days). 2012 will be remembered for a monumental high, and a devastating low.

Skimming the internet these past couple of days, I noticed a new trend cropping up in the announcement of New Year’s resolutions: they were being called intentions, instead. I really like that. To me, the word ‘intention’ connotes a mental commitment to something; that the act of doing comes from a place of purposeful thought. It also feels more fluid than a resolution, which always feels like a declaration to me – something unchanging and firm.

All of that said, this year’s intentions are not unlike the resolutions from years past: simple, straightforward, and with a goal of uncluttering life. This year, I’ll be focusing on:

  • Using what I have. Yarn, fabric, food – it will be a year of examining what I have before looking outward for what I don’t.
  • Strengthening my existing friendships through more regular visits (all of my friends live far away!), and letting them know I’m thinking about them (through email, paper letters, etc.).
  • How I consume, and how I participate in consumer culture. We have already begun culling our stuff – more on this later.
  • A perennial favorite, always hampered by my growing Netflix queue: less TV, more books.
  • Moving my body. Whether hiking, walking, exploring, or riding my bike – I need to get off of the couch and back in shape.
  • Being more adventurous! Traveling! Going to loud rock shows! I need to kick my predilection towards anxiety and just do things.
  • Eating (and drinking) better. More clean, whole foods, and fewer post-class visits to Taco Bell (I’m so embarrassed to admit that).
  • Spending my time thoughtfully. This means, sadly, less Pinterest/Ravelry/internet-vacuum time.
  • Paying down my student debt and getting in control of my finances.

What are your intentions for the year? Goals? Resolutions? Whatever you choose to pursue, best of luck in your endeavors – and have a wonderful 2013!


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