2012 in review, again.

View from the top

The first picture that I took with an actual camera in 2012 was in July, when my family traveled to New Hampshire to celebrate my birthday and Independence Day. We climbed a relatively small mountain, but the trek was so steep that we questioned many times whether we would make it to the top. We were rewarded with breathtaking views of the surrounding region, and got to watch the beginnings of a magnificent rainstorm. It was a perfect escape from school, work, and wedding planning, and was so restorative. More stories about 2012, after the jump.

Made it!

Scott made my year. Through serious stress and worry, he always stood by ready to comfort me, whether it be playing with my hair or making big breakfasts on Sunday mornings before I would leave for work. I would not have sustained mental well-being, were it not for him!


After years of living downtown and killing plants on the fire escape, we had our own backyard and our first garden. This is just a tiny snippet of what we were able to produce in our small plot: hundreds of cherry and grape tomatoes, chives and basil, squash and zucchini, and a dozen stumpy carrots. We learned a lot last year, and are already planning 2013’s crop.


I got over my fear of flying and we traveled to Miami to watch Scott’s best friend receive his own ship in the Coast Guard. It was my first military ceremony and such an inspiring reminder of what so many sacrifice for the rest of us. We were only there for two nights, but were able to dip our toes into the water down south. In the beginning of August, Miami’s ocean felt like bathwater: so steamy and warm.

High Linecity love

Later in August, we met our wedding photographers in New York City on the High Line. The moment we met Chad and Serena, in a tourist-swarmed destination, they started snapping our picture. What started as an incredibly embarrassing experience (so many strangers watching us kiss in public!) turned into a comfortable, easy time, thanks to their gentle and funny demeanor (and the presence of one of our best friends, there to graciously hold my purse and keep us smiling). Those pictures, and that experience, will remain one of the high points of last year.

Yay!We did it!

One month later, we got married! Surrounded by our best friends and our families, many of whom traveled great distances to be there with us, we tied the knot on a quiet little herb farm tucked away on the east end of Long Island. It was a very personal, moving ceremony, and a dance-filled reception that kept everyone on their feet. I treasure every second of that day, but here’s my absolute favorite moment:

I could barely find my brother that day. Excited by the fact that it was his big sister’s wedding and that he was legally allowed to drink (having just turned 21), he spent a lot of time at the bar with our cousins. I tracked him down during a lull in the music, at a time when it slipped into oldies for the adults in the crowd. I grabbed him close for a hug. Scott was walking by, and my brother pulled on Scott’s belt to draw him into our hug. My dad saw us all, so he joined in, too. My brother, inspired by the outpouring of affection, intended to start ‘the world’s biggest group hug.’ We pulled more and more guests in with us, but, somehow, that hug turned into a conga line. As we all – and I mean every single person at the wedding – snaked around the room, the DJ brilliantly started playing Jump in the Line by Harry Belafonte. It was one of those magic moments when you look around the room and can’t believe the perfection that is happening all around you. The room erupted in dance, and for the duration of that song, we danced with everyone at our wedding. I hold that memory so close.


The next month, we helped my parents throw away many of their belongings following Hurricane Sandy. We stayed with them for a week, living by candle light and without most amenities. It was a life changing event that has left all of us a little bit scarred and unable to find our normal. The memories of the wedding, and the happy, togetherness we had just shared, sustained us through that low.


We spent New Years in New York City with our best friends, who live on the West Coast. We visited Rockefeller Center and spent the night walking miles around the city with them, trying to relish every minute together. Days later, Scott and I watched the Mighty Mighty Bosstones in our shared hometown to get a head start on 2013’s intention to do more adventurous things! A loud rock show, just what we needed to kick off the new year.

We have a lot planned for the year ahead – here’s hoping to more adventure, more normal for my family, and lots of love. What did you do in 2012?


3 thoughts on “2012 in review, again.

    1. Thank you! It was absolutely gorgeous (more pics on that to come, too – there were some nice handmade details!).

      Hoping that you have an excellent, adventurous year as well!

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