Working on…


I’ve been chugging away on a Toast wrap since the beginning of December. It’s part of my commitment to use what I have, digging deep into the stash for some balls of Knitpicks Stroll — unoriginally, in the exact colors used in the pattern photos (but why mess with a good thing?).  Here’s hoping I can finish this one up this weekend. It’s foggy and cool in Boston, the kind of hazy weather that encourages stretches of time spent with knitting in lap, a cup of tea by your side.

What are you working on?


8 thoughts on “Working on…

    1. It’s such an easy stitch pattern, too! Perfect for scratching the stranded knitting itch.

      A side note: I’m a big fan of your blog and delighted you commented!

  1. Aw thanks! The last year I’ve been so busy, I’ve barely left any comments on other blogs at all, even though I kept on reading them… I hope this year I can get back to commenting – it creates so much more of a bond between people 🙂

  2. I bought some O-Wool fingering weight in black and white to make this, but I just never got around to it. The Harpa scarf from the new Westknits book has stolen my heart too, but how many fingering-weight-colourwork-in-the-round neck warmers does a girl need? Or have the capacity to make? Oy.

    1. Also love Harpa, and am considering making it one of my next projects because I can’t shake the fingering-weight-colorwork-in-the-round neck warmer trend. But I’m with you – they I need a bulky project to get me going and feel like I can actually finish something!

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