Cross-country hedgehogs.

Messy crafting

I’m very lucky to have good friends. Scott and I share a set of best friends, a couple with whom we went to college and who stayed on in Boston longer than any of our other friends had. Over the years we grew increasingly close, a friendship born out of the intimacy of living with one another and nurtured by hikes, camping trips, and many, many meals cooked and enjoyed together. Katie was my maid of honor and is a constant inspiration to me: she is an incredibly successful and motivated chemist who made a bold career change; she is dedicated to fitness and attends multi-weekly krav maga lessons; she is an amazing cook who shares my passion for desserts; and she picked up her life and moved across the country to pursue her goals.

That last bit has been tough. A friendship sustained by weekly visits and evenings shared laughing and growing together has evolved into late-night Skype sessions and rambling emails. We don’t see each other as often as we’d like, but we try and visit when we can (we just booked our trip to California for February!) and seem to pick up just where we left off each time. When Katie visited Colorado recently, she mailed me a package of fabrics from a local shop. It contained those lime stripes pictured above along with a gray and white chevron – perfectly packaging up our shared taste in clean, graphic prints. Armed with fat quarters of each, I knew I had to make something for her, so that her time milling about the store for something to send her friend wouldn’t have been in vain. I paired them with some of Lizzy House’s adorable hedgehogs from my stash, knowing that Katie, an animal lover, will find them charming.


I stitched lots of love into this bag, chanting “please move back, please move back” the whole time, hoping that the little hedgies would convince her of everything she misses from back east. But I know that her life is one of adventure and beauty right now, and that, more selfishly, her time across the country is temporary. The bag was the perfect small piece on which to work while watching Downton Abbey Sunday evening, a comfortable ease into the week ahead – and the promise that more crafting would happen over the course of the week (I stil have to stitch up the drawstrings, after all). And the Toast wrap? I’ve got about 50 stitches left to graft before giving it a good block.

The crafting urge is strong these days; I’m trying to squeeze as much as I can in before my semester starts in a few weeks!


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