ripple rocker

My semester has just started, heralding a season of hurried meals, late nights spent hunched over my laptop, and the compression of all of the various things I need to do over the course of the week into a very small slice of time. To make matters more complicated, I’ve signed up to teach some classes at my local knitting and fabric shop. With my free time visibly shrinking from the calendar pages, I thought I’d pause and reflect on a few things that have brought happiness to my home lately.

Finishing things. This crochet ripple blanket has sat nearly-finished in my WIP-basket since early summer. I pulled it out over the weekend and it only took minutes to weave in the ends. I’m always shocked by how quick finishing can be, and apalled at my propensity for letting things languish. It has started a good trend in my craft room!

beet orzo

Warm orzo salad with beets and feta. I don’t think I can sing enough praises for Food52. Whenever I’m in a food rut or wondering what to make for dinner, they bail me out with their simple, perfect recipes. We’ve eaten this salad sprinkled generously with feta; I top mine with a hit of oregano, and Scott with red onion. It’s a perfect work lunch, eaten hot or cold!


Framing things. Maybe you’re familiar with this scenario: see a cool print on Etsy or Society 6. Mull over its purchase for a few days. Decide that you simply can’t live without it. Receive it, and immediately stick in a drawer, closet, or keep in its wrapper leaned up against the wall. I decided to break the cycle and start framing some of these prints, and not only does it validate the purchase – now it’s being used and enjoyed! – but makes our rented apartment feel more like a home. 3M hooks and craft store frames are the best!

Trying to celebrate the simple things. How do you juggle work, life, and/or school? And, more importantly, what do you choose to savor the moments in between the busy?


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