Fancies – Valentine’s edition

I know that Valentine’s Day is a week away. And I’ve never celebrated it before. But two days prior to the commercial holiday, Scott and I will celebrate our seven year anniversary. We’ve never bought each other gifts to mark either occasion, typically opting to splurge on decadent ingredients at the grocery store to make a big, fancy meal. This year, however, things feel more worth celebrating. We’re married now! We’re saving for a house! We’ve earned a little bit of indulgence to commemorate our bond, our goals, and our shared life together.


Clockwise from upper left corner: a flower CSA from new local Wild Folk Studio, in the ‘Humble’ offering; enough Quince & Co. Chickadee in Peacock to knit a Sebella; some Mast Brothers chocolate, locally procured from the Formaggio; a subscription to Wilder Quarterly; handmade Crescent moon hoops from Laurel Hill; and White Sage and Wild Mint tea from Juniper Ridge.

As we tighten our purse strings this year, I can’t imagine anything more extravagant than the constant presence of fresh flowers beside my bed. Sipping on fragrant tea while knitting a cozy sweater out of a favorite yarn. Dangling something shiny from my ears. Savoring little bits of chocolate while curled up with a good read.

These are the things that I fancy right now, during tight times, with love and coziness on the brain. While we’re imagining with pretend money, maybe I’ll round up a list of what I would get for Scott. It would definitely be a fun little list!


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