Fancies – Valentine’s Edition {His}

Scott is very averse to shopping. He’s notoriously hard to buy for because he wants so little – and when he does want something, he saves up and buys it on his own. He’s also very specific about what kinds of things he buys, and has two mottos: Buy local. And have a few good things, well maintained. So in this spirit, a few good things to care for – all made in the U.S.A.

Clockwise, from upper left corner: Pendleton Tribute #3 Blanket; Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap; a subscription to a magazine full of wonder: National Geographic; cozy Ragg Socks; and sachets to guard his handknits.

Scott and I are very similar, in that we prefer being bundled up and cozy over most things. We like pulling on thick socks and huddling beneath a blanket together reading. We like to dream about travel together. We share a love of the fragrance of cedar and want to build chests with it, line our wardrobes with the woodsy smell. We washed with the sea salt soap the evening after our wedding, and I love the power of scent memories, how you can evoke a moment in a whiff.

This year, I’ll be getting a root canal on our anniversary; he’ll be visiting his dentist two days later on Valentine’s Day. We won’t eat sweet treats this year, but will enjoy the comfort of our home, sitting together beneath a blanket, likely watching movies and falling asleep on the couch. I can’t imagine it any other way.


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