Fall finishing frenzy.

So we established (a month ago, now!) that things have been a little bit busy around these parts. That hasn’t changed.

ImageWhat has changed a bit is the view in Massachusetts. As the leaves have begun turning over to their cozier, warmer shades, so has the urge to be cozier and to nest. After months of avoiding my knitting needles and continuing to acquire fabric despite not having time to sew, I suddenly have the urge to play with all of those stashed goodies. Chalk it up to all the time spent sitting around waiting while pots of soup simmer. It’s that season!

ImageI spent a bit of time this summer cutting and piecing together a half-square triangle quilt into a herringbone pattern, using some neon coral and greige. The motivation finally came to me to quilt the whole thing so I could get it on our bed in time for cooler weather. As I sat at my machine, I wondered about all of the knitting projects that sat in wait for me in the yarn storage bins. And then came a new mission: the fall finishing frenzy.

ImageThese are just a few of the projects that have either been started long ago or are really close to being finished. (Clockwise from top left: Daffodil in Rhinebeck 2011 yarn; White Pine in Berroco Ultra Alpaca; Anja in Quince & Co. Chickadee; toe-up socks in Koigu KPPPM; Karen Templer’s ‘how to improv a sweater’ in Berroco Ultra Alpaca; and Herringbone mittens in Cascade 220) The Anja hat just needs to be blocked and pom-pommed! Both sweaters only need sleeves!

I’m hoping that by giving myself a mission – to complete as many of these projects as possible before starting anything new, and doing so within the framework of my favorite season! – that I can actually do this. So, the fall finishing frenzy begins. Off to get things done!

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