Seven months pregnant, Aug. 2015. Zucchini for scale.

Your seventh month of pregnancy is not the time to be reviving a long-dead blog. It’s too late to rehash the past seven months of chaos for the sake of record-keeping; this is just where we are now. It is what it is.

But, as life creeps toward a massive change, I felt compelled to document something. These last moments as a family of two, as a person who is not yet defined by whether or not she has a child. It feels crazy to say that while I’m sharing a body with another human, am so visibly with child.

I didn’t want to touch any yarn or fabric for the bulk of this pregnancy. I wasn’t feeling well and there were days when I would be lucky to peel myself off the couch and prepare boxed mashed potatoes. The moment that changed, I wanted to knit everything. Every unfinished project in waiting, all of the stashed yarn not yet knit – it had to be dealt with before the arrival of the baby. And that doesn’t even touch how much I want/ed to make for my son.

I read an article recently about how people with children are better at managing their time. I don’t agree with the message – I know plenty of childless people who get a lot done –  but I do agree that this impending addition to our family has made me reevaluate how I use the time I have. I realized that I spent so much time procrastinating. My to-do lists grew longer. Now that I have a “deadline” on what I can feasibly do in the next several months, I’m reclaiming that time and eschewing its waste. I will do my best to get things done, and to utilize the time I’ll have home with the baby to the best of my ability.

The tone of this space will probably change a bit. I’ll share my crafts, but I’ll probably also share more cooking and baking – things that have become far more important to me in the last year. And I don’t think that it would be possibly to write, after such a life-changing event, without acknowledging the baby. Mommy blogger? No. But maybe just a light record of my days with this boy. There’s more risk of being inundated with pictures of my cat, a new addition to our family since my last post.

Hoping to get a little cozier in this space.


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