life to-do list.



-dye more yarn.

-learn to spin.

-whittle down stash.

-complete a scrap blanket.

sweater for mom.

-EZ seamless hybrid for Scott.

-sweater for brother.

-make a fair isle tam.

-knit something from Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia.

-knit anything from a Rowan magazine.


-Purl Bee french knot pillows.

-damask french knot pillows–design from art school.

-make a robe for Scott, and one for me.

-finish the quilt!

-make a cathedral window quilt.

-light, diaphonous summer dress.

-picnic blanket.

-knitting project bag.

-plaid quilt for brother.

-make more skirts.


-spend at least an hour per week writing in a notebook.

-slowly increase that time.

-write more physical letters.

-utilize abundance of blank notebooks as journals.

Physical living:

-spend more time outside.

-finally sign up for a yoga class.

-watch live music more often.

-stop wearing jeans so much. (see sewing section)

-ride bicycle more.

-swim, ice skate, row.

-get that tattoo you’ve been dreaming of.

To read:

-Byron’s Don Juan.

-selections from Time magazine’s top 10o books since 1900.

-close read an entire book of poetry and suck all the meaning out.

-the writings of William Morris and John Ruskin.

-the biography of an artist.

To go:







-Rothko’s Chapel in Texas

-Martha’s Vineyard

-Portland, OR


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